Photo Upload Requirements

Reference photos are required for ALL custom caricature orders!

In fact, we won’t even let you add a caricature to your cart without them. For the best possible results, we’ve written up the following guidelines:

  1. Acceptable photo file types to include are:  .tif, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf, .psd
  2. The higher resolution, the better. The more detail we can see, the more accurate your drawing will be! Crows feet, eye color, nose/mouth shape, etc should be easy to pick out in your reference photos!
  3. Front or 1/4 turn view that displays the shape of the subject’s face.
  4. If submitting multiple photos (please submit multiple photos), zip them up and submit the .zip while adding your item to your cart.
  5. If your images have more than 1 person in them, please clearly indicate who is who, and who will be drawn.
Bad Reference Photo
Good Reference Photo