Hilarious Caricatures was developed to offer fun sketches that live up to the truest sense of what a caricature actually is. Great caricatures exaggerate and make light of what makes the subject unique! Facial features, age, weight, race, gender and personality are all at play in producing a sketch worthy of the art form. True caricatures, accurate caricatures, are about fun and embellishment, not creating a subpar likeness because of a worry that someone’s features might not be flattering.

Our artists have decades of experience, drawing hundreds of thousands of faces. They’ve been recognized and awarded for their humor, likeness, and technical ability in the field of caricatures. They’re uniquely qualified to provide the most hilarious caricature that actually looks like the subject. 

We’ve seen a lot of bad caricatures out there, or sites claiming to sell caricatures, that just put an idealized portrait on a tiny body. We strive to give you the real thing; something you can laugh at and joke about, not glamour shots.